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The New World Trade Center

In conjunction with the 10th anniversary of 9/11, Silverstein Properties was preparing a historic presentation to premiere the design of the new World Trade Center. They commissioned us to create a short film that would not only tell a story of how the site will look when it’s finished but also show the construction of the building from the ground up.

A film that gave the world its first glimpse of the new WTC


The launch film unveiled the new World Trade Center at an event attended by then-mayor Michael Bloomberg and journalists from across the globe. The film received high acclaim from top-tier publications in the tech, business, and entertainment.

Short Film

We were honored to create this film and wouldn’t settle for anything less than our best work. There were no corners cut. Nothing was overlooked. To create a realistic visualization of the new World Trade Center while it was just a quarter of the way through construction, we integrated sophisticated CG animation with live-action footage of downtown Manhattan. We wrote, directed, animated, and did all the VFX work on the film that told the story of new beginnings.

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