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Urban Umbrella

Urban Umbrella is defining the future of public space. Its scaffolding alternative transforms construction riddled sidewalks into safe, welcoming pedestrian corridors with an aesthetically pleasing design. We’ve worked with Urban Umbrella since 2019, elevating its creative with content that showcases its sleek, sexy style.  

Transforming utility into art. It’s not scaffolding, it’s urban design

Dynamic content

With polished commercial productions, we capture Urban Umbrellas as eye-catching public art to admired within the cityscape. We show its functionality with passers-by interacting with the structures.

Look book stills

Whether we’re recreating a Louie Vuitton runway show during New York’s Fashion Week, or styling, art directing, and photographing glossy commercial images, we capture Urban Umbrellas as characters in a narrative about modern city life, glamour, and style.

Digital content

Several elements came together to create this game-changing, spectacular concept. We rebuilt OTG’s website for supreme functionality and created an elegant design that matched its vision for the future of airports. The suite of assets we created was the centerpiece in its media kits, social media, website, and sales materials. 

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