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Garou VR

In 2016, Piranha’s Innovation Lab focused its attention on VR. Enter Garou: a VR platform incubated and funded by Piranha. While VR technology was still in its early stages, it was evolving to be more user-friendly and mainstream. We saw an opportunity in the marketplace to transform traditional marketing and advertising into immersive experiences that would emotionally connect audiences to brands.

We developed an award-winning VR platform blending technology with creativity

A superior VR experience

We assembled the best and brightest from our innovation and creative teams to collaborate on the project. Made with the advanced creation software Unreal Engine, we produced a 3D storytelling tool that evolved with VR technology over three years.

Creativity + technology

We set out to develop a product that merged design, storytelling, and strategy with up-to-the-minute technology. With this combination, we knew we could build a far-superior product with photo-realistic 3D and a streamlined VR experience.

Verizon + the Future

Powered by a $500,000 Verizon grant in 2020, the team continues to work with advanced 5G connectivity allowing users to explore and interact with content in real-time. To enable this next phase of development, we spun out Garou as a separate standalone entity.


We’ve leveraged the Garou VR product in several inventive campaigns for top-tier clients.

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