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OTG was on a mission to transform airport culture from the status quo to an elevated dining and lifestyle experience. They conceptualized a technology-driven service innovation that would allow travelers rushing from city to city to plug-in, relax, and enjoy a premium meal without missing their flight. Such a significant change would take a lot of convincing. OTG had to sell its vision to airports and airlines with long-standing vendor contracts and little incentive to change. We worked with OTG to realize its vision, creating content that was more than just a passive viewing experience. 

Tomorrow’s airport for today’s passenger

Culinary stories

OTG’s idea to localize the culinary and cultural experience in airport terminals, brought together local celebrity chefs and taste-makers to build an extension of the energy and culture of the city. We created stories that captured a local vibe and conveyed the passion of OTG’s chef partners with documentary-style interviews tailored to the client: airlines and airport hubs.

Architectural renderings

Using visual effects, we built a digital interpretation of OTG’s idea with CG animated photo-real renderings allowing airlines like Delta, Jet Blue, and Southwest to see an accurate build of upscale yet accessible dining and marketplace offerings. 

Immersive VR

Our experiential approach to content provided clients the opportunity to explore the look, feel, and precise attention to detail OTG had envisioned. With a truly immersive VR experience, viewers could walk through its lounges taking in the iconic design, food-to-terminal dining, and retail offerings that were entirely different yet on-brand with airline terminals. 

Digital content

Several elements came together to create this game-changing, spectacular concept. We rebuilt OTG’s website for supreme functionality and created an elegant design that matched its vision for the future of airports. The suite of assets we created was the centerpiece in its media kits, social media, website, and sales materials. 

Growth story

As OTG’s creative partner over the course of seven years, we produced content that helped secure deals with major airport hubs like Philadelphia, New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and dozens more. Our brand assets crystallized its future-forward vision and helped OTG grow 70% over three years. With feature coverage in top-tier publications like The New York Times and Fast Company, OTG’s CEO Rick Blatstein became a go-to industry commentator on CNBC, Bloomberg, and other networks. Today OTG’s transformative airport experience boasts over 300 restaurant and retail concepts around the country.

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