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Global Infrastructure Solutions (GISI) partners with companies in the built and social environment so they can facilitate growth and meet the evolving needs of their clients.


With a vast footprint and a global portfolio of companies, GISI came to us to help them define and design a streamlined brand look and position that clarified the value it brings to the industry.

Defined, Designed a Brand.

Content Strategy

With effective strategic planning, industry analysis, and creative content development, we help shape AECOM’s story and clarify its vision. We uncover the people behind the projects, bringing to light talent and thought leaders who will see AECOM into the future. Our content captures some of the most significant infrastructure developments taking place today. We’ve worked with AECOM to visualize the new WTC site, Hudson Yards, One Vanderbilt, as well as the Atlanta Falcons, Los Angeles Rams, and USTA stadium complexes.

An Evolved Brand Identity,
Modernized for Today’s World.

From color to type, graphic texture to executive headshots, no visual touchpoint went untouched. 


Color was explored and launched that employed generous white space, punctuated by sophisticated tones of slate blue, rust and grey. Typeface was evolved to utilize friendly serif and secondary sans serif type, yielding an informed and human tone to the written voice. Brand motifs were developed, activating abstract patterns that speak E&C but have a sense of organization and sustainability. Executive headshots were styled to have a fresher, cleaner and more modern aesthetic.


The brand effort with GISI culminated with the development and launch of a new company website. 

Built using a headless CMS, we wanted to deliver a tech stack as modern and reliable as their new brand. 

We worked collaboratively (and relentlessly) to clarify messaging and establish a framework that could grow as their external efforts scaled. 

Building Identity,
from the Inside-Out.

To build something new, we first had to understand the old. We spent time embedded with key stakeholders and company principals to build a deep understanding of their brand desires and values, along with analysis of the larger investment and infrastructure spaces. 


Using facts as a foundation, we built messaging architecture that would drive marketplace distinction and serve as the cornerstone to the new brand visual identity.

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