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Content is king for brands nowadays. Everyone in the industry knows it, three years ago at Piranha, we created our content team to ensure we can be agile and responsive enough for our client's channels.


Coming from the post-production world, it's in our DNA to come up with creative and high-end material for our clients, add in a layer of strategic planning and a distribution strategy and you get a recipe that will stun audiences every time. Knowing how to create is only one component, but creating with a strategy and goal will elevate the product and the brand we are working for.


We recently had the pleasure to collaborate with digital agency Reflex Group and the legendary Italian brand Ferrari to create content around their 70th anniversary pit stop in NYC.


For this project, Reflex Group leaned on Piranha's Content team to collaborate and realize their initial content strategy. The scope of work was to create three branded videos. Two teasers and one recap video of the event. The concept was simple enough. For their 70th birthday, they had to turn the city red, red with passion, red with emotion, red with roaring cars. And participants were offered to do a treasure hunt to all the different Ferrari's and collaborating brands stores' locations ( such as Hublot ) to collect and win prizes.



The initial strategy focused first on bringing awareness to the event by putting together a teaser that had to evoke a powerful sense of Ferrari taking over the busiest city in the world. We put together a small crew for a quick turnaround edit, to post on socials. Re-utilizing the footage, our team then created an animated video to tease the treasure hunt app.


Finally, on the day of the event, we dispatched our content team to cover it from A to Z all day and night. Our team was perfect for it; nimble, creative and disciplined, we turned around cinematically shot videos in a matter of hours.


Ferrari had locations all over New York, cars on displays, partner stores, and we're happy to say that all three videos turned out to be a massive success. They were featured in dozens of articles and fans all over the internet downloaded and reposted the videos to their Ferrari fan blogs or their personal pages.


You can find out more about the digital experience here.

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