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A well-established fortune 50 industry titan, AECOM hired us to elevate its brand and culture with a strong focus on innovation. We work as an extension of its communications team, spotlighting cutting edge projects and practices to position AECOM as a future-focused legacy brand.

Building a future-focused legacy brand

Content Strategy

With effective strategic planning, industry analysis, and creative content development, we help shape AECOM’s story and clarify its vision. We uncover the people behind the projects, bringing to light talent and thought leaders who will see AECOM into the future. Our content captures some of the most significant infrastructure developments taking place today. We’ve worked with AECOM to visualize the new WTC site, Hudson Yards, One Vanderbilt, as well as the Atlanta Falcons, Los Angeles Rams, and USTA stadium complexes.

Thought Leadership

We work with AECOM executives to share unique perspectives via think pieces and speaking engagements with notable industry organizations. In particular, we’ve shined a spotlight on its female leadership team, adding a new voice to this historically male-dominated industry. AECOM’s thought leaders are frequently quoted in industry publications and featured in content for its owned channels.

Future of Construction

In today’s landscape, first to market often means first to relevance (substance aside). With well-funded start-ups taking ownership of innovation in construction, we knew the reputation AECOM had built over its 100-year history would only carry its share of voice so far. We developed the Future of Construction project to help AECOM level-set the conversation.

We took a deep dive into the innovative practices AECOM was utilizing and organized our creative strategy around the topics of 3-D printing, modularization and robotics; digital twin technology; artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics; and supply chain optimization and marketplaces.

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