Be Central. Be St Giles.

St Giles Hotels is an international hospitality brand with properties around the world. With plans to expand their global portfolio with 20 new hotels by 2020 they brought in Piranha to help prepare the brand for significant growth. Everything from the company’s digital presence to its physical communications were evaluated, debated and reinvented. A brand film was created to showcase the St Giles Hotels’ core offering: centrality. The global website was overhauled to visually align the company’s dynamic portfolio of boutique hotel brands. The first ever user-generated VR campaign was launched to position the hotel in a new light and to new audiences. A targeted outreach campaign on social media and travel websites was built to attract travelers. And curated local products were sourced to better connect each hotel location with the city. By embedding a senior strategist in the organization and building the campaign from the inside/out, the St Giles brand is evolving on a platform based on authenticity and sustainability.